ENG 102

Sonnet Project

Professor Leah Richards asked her students to create a blog dedicated to close readings of sonnets, and to create videos to accompany their work.

Click here to read the prompt, & check out the project site to see the fruit of their labors

Soundtrack for a Small Planet

Students in Professor Bethany Holmstrom’s class made an audio recording of a scene from a play, including a “soundtrack” (i.e., intro and outro music). In an accompanying paper, students conducted a close scene analysis and justified their music choices using evidence from the play-text.

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Poetry & Song

Professor Jayashree Kamble’s students – drawing on their class theme of highbrow and lowbrow cultural works – were asked to make a case to a school board for teaching a poem alongside a popular song. Students recorded the poem as well (as an audio or video file – their choice).

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After reading The Stranger, students in Professor Leah Richards’ class on Alienation & Inquiry created a resource for reading and understanding Camus’ novel. 

You can read the project overview here, and the research site is available via this link.

From Novel to TV

Continuing their exploration of lowbrow and highbrow culture, students in Professor Kamble’s class made a case for adapting a novel into a TV show, recording a short video of their pitch to network executives. They wrote an essay to accompany this project.

You can read the full prompt via this link.